Beer Soap

Beer Soap


We start with several swigs of tasty beer, add various butters & oils, and thus is born a beer bar with a rich lather that makes it the perfect shave bar. Or use it to wash your face as step one of your morning routine, or use a body bar in the shower. Hell, you can even use it as a shampoo bar. Just don’t use it to wash your eyeballs…


Beer Soap – 3.5 oz

– All-Natural

– Incorporates beer, hops oil, and a blend of nourishing oils

– Moisturizes and softens skin, hair, and facial hair

– Makes a great shave soap, bath bar, or even shampoo bar

– Scented with notes of sandalwood, pine, mint, and citrus


HOW TO USE: Use with water. Wash yourself with it. Then rinse it off. Don’t use it to clean your eyeballs. It wont feel good.


 MADE OF: Beer, a blend of saponified oils including grapeseed oil, olive oil, and coconut oil, fragrant & essential oils (including hops), and vitamin E.

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