Marty A.
Tampa, FL

“My skin and scalp tend to be sensitive, but these products don’t irritate my skin. The Pomade is really great. I get a great hold, even with coarse hair, without the “crunch” of gels. My girlfriend loves it because she can still run her fingers through my hair. I wouldn’t even think about going back to the stuff I was using before!”

Carly K.
Los Angeles, CA

“My boyfriend tried several times to grow his beard, but always shaved within a few days. He couldn’t stand the itch, and I hated the way his facial hair scratched my face when we kissed. The Beerd Company’s Beard Oil has made all the difference. The Oil makes his hair softer and smoother, and we both love the scent!”

Casey F.
Las Vegas, NV

“I have tried other oils & balms that have left my beard oily and wet-looking – I wasn’t a fan. The Beerd Company’s Beard Balm leaves a nice shine without leaving my beard greasy or oily to the touch. The best part is the smell. My girlfriend was not a fan of any other products I tried, but mentioned how much she liked the smell of TBC’s Beard balm the very first time I used it.”